Playing and Designing at the Intersections: Creating Good Allyship

Recorded at Metatopia 2015RPG-Design-Panelcast-sml

Presented by Kat Jones, Krista White, Elsa S. Henry & K.N. Granger.

This roundtable will focus on how to design and run games from an intersectional feminist standpoint. We will discuss different ways a game can be intersectional including: mechanics, characters, artwork, and more. Drawing on concrete examples from panelists about their own design process, as well as games that have influenced them, we will offer suggestions for designing intersectional games. We will also give some examples of how to make pre-existing games and systems more intersectional. Topics included in the discussion will be: how to fail forward, how to be a good ally, and how to respectfully write about marginalized groups when coming from a position of privilege

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