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Episode 205 - Larp 101

Recorded at BreakoutCon 2019 Presented by Anne Ratchet Nicole Winchester, Moyra Turkington and Jonaya Kemper Have you always wanted to play LARPs at B...View Details

Historical Larp Design Recorded at Metatopia 2016   Presented by Moyra Turkington, Kimberley Lam, Shoshana Kessock, Elsa Henry, Rachel E.S. Walton, an...View Details

Patterns and Shapes in Larp Design Recorded at Metatopia 2015 Presented by  J Li and Jason Morningstar From spatial layout to information management, ...View Details

LARPs aboard submarines? LARPs about having cancer? Join us for a journey inside the fascinating high-art gaming scene of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and ...View Details

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