Episode 205 - Larp 101

Recorded at BreakoutCon 2019

Presented by Anne Ratchet Nicole Winchester, Moyra Turkington and Jonaya Kemper

Have you always wanted to play LARPs at Breakout or out in the ‘real world’? Or are you wary of LARP and want your questions answered about this embodied form of play? Come on by to learn more about the different kinds of LARP, how to decide if a LARP is for you, how to tell if a LARP is safer space and more! We’ll also discuss our experiences with LARP as creators and players, offer examples of LARP from ‘black-box’ indie larps to rustic boffer campaigns to elaborate ‘blockbuster’ adventures, and talk about some LARPs you can play (or buy) at Breakout! 

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